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Devices I overuse - Against the Vile Maxim

About Devices I overuse

Previous Entry Devices I overuse Jun. 21st, 2009 @ 02:12 pm Next Entry

  • Descending figures ending on the sixth scale degree supported by IV, especially with an escaping tone.

  • Descending lines at large, and general indifference to melodic arches.

  • The place-holding Isus2-I, IVsus2-IV, Vsus4-V and iisus2- or ii7-ii tics that guitar lends itself to.

  • 5 as an inverted pedal. This is another guitar-centric thing.

  • The IV to signal "My chorus. Let me show you it."

  • V-#vo-vi. This is a repeat offender.

I'm sure there are others.
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